‘Flu gate’ and God’s Grace

My kitchen counter explains the past three days. Pale drifts of formula, an empty Calpol bottle, a smattering of tissues, and one sticky spoon. On Sunday night, E-B developed a cough. It was small and unobtrusive, and J and I, now seasoned parents, made comments to the effect of, "oh she's picked up the sniffles". In fact, we were hit by the kind of bug … Continue reading ‘Flu gate’ and God’s Grace



As a parent, I rely a lot on public goodwill. I need a stranger to heave the front my pram onto a train, to pull open a door, to move aside in a lift. And it always unnerves me, this lack of a law to say, "if you see a girl with a giant purple pram and toddler shouting for snacks, you're required to help her!". What … Continue reading Spaces